Bryan T.

For two years I suffered with an illness that I could not find help in diagnosing or treating.  I saw eight different doctors and specialist and no one seemed to be able to diagnose or prescribe treatment.  In March of 2011, I was recommended to Anne Walch and everything changed.  She was knowledgeable, caring, and sincere.  Above all she was able to help treat my illness.  She has been instrumental in my recovery.  Her treatment plans have been well organized, honest, and assuring.  I have found that she listens to my concerns and issues and is responsive with her treatment.  She always takes the time to fully explain her treatment plans and ensures that I understand by encouraging and being open to my questions.  I have found her experience, honesty and confidence in treating my illness to be invaluable.I recommend Anne Walch to anyone who wants a personable and experienced practitioner.  I believe all doctors should strive to treat their patients as well as Anne Walch has treated me.


Asheville, NC


Thursday, September 22, 2011