Marlene K.

I have been a patient of Anne's for 2 1/2 years. She is the most thorough, compassionate and competent practitioner I have ever seen. I traveled from PA the first year to see her in Asheville and when I made my FL home my permanent residence, I traveled from there. She is worth every mile and hour it takes to get to NC.I went in with hormone imbalance, and not so great lipid panels. As well as overall fatigue. She worked with me on my thyroid, suggested supplements I have never heard of and put me back on bio-identical hormones. I feel like a new woman thanks to Anne. I am currently spending 5-6 months a year in Idaho, but I will continue to see Anne when I am back in my FL home. I had a problem in March and she immediately sent me for tests. I am deaf so phone calls are difficult and she takes the time to email me my results and discuss a treatment program.I love her and will continue with her in the new practice. She is caring and compassionate. I have no qualms recommending her to anyone. There should be more like her in the medical field. She is always on the cutting edge of new ideas and medications. I am a very, very satisfied patient.


Palm Coast, FL


Wednesday, September 21, 2011