Lauria B.

I have been a "very" satisfied patient of Anne Walch for nearly ten years!  When I first went to her, my hormones were very imbalanced and my thyroid was really off to the point where I was fatigued all the time.  I was losing my hair and crying all the time and I had no sex drive whatsoever. After seeing Anne and having a workup done on my hormones and thyroid,  Anne was able to prescribe the correct strength of  Bio-identical hormones and thyroid that I needed.  My hair came back, my nails grew, I was no longer fatigued all the time, the feeling of wanting to cry stopped, I slept better and my sex drive was back to normal and I felt like myself again.I found that Anne was always ready to listen to what I had to say, unlike most doctors that I've had in the past, she cared enough to listen and she heard me. I find her to be one of the "most" compassionate and loving human beings that I have ever met.  I've sent numerous friends to her that had many of the same issues that I was plagued with prior to seeing her.  They are all "very happy" with the help that she has given them. I became a patient of Anne's while she was still at Asheville Integrative Medicine and I will follow her into her new office which she will be opening soon.  I will continue to refer my friends to her forever because she is the best physician that I have ever had!!!  Several of them come from other states and stay with me throughout the year just to see Anne.  They too love her so much that they make long distance trips to remain a patient of hers.  I think this really says what she is all about.  She is about helping people!  I believe that you too will find her to be knowledgeable, warm, kind and compassionate.  I recommend her to everyone.


Black Mountain, NC


Wednesday, September 21, 2011