Welcome to the online presence of Healing Path Integrative Medicine — the medical practice of Anne Walch, MHS, PA-C.

Healing Path Integrative Medicine (HPIM) is here to partner with you in optimizing your health, whether your needs are anti-aging and health optimization, or unraveling a chronic “mystery illness”.

Whatever your health concerns are, we will use the same approach and principles that we call “integrative medicine”:

  • Respectful deep listening to best understand the interplay of the body, mind and spirit in your health situation.
  • Acknowledge that you are in charge of your health and healing, partnering with my professional skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Acknowledge that our bodies are designed to repair and heal. We can assist by identifying obstacles impeding good health, whether they be toxicities, genetic weaknesses, nutritional deficiencies.
  • Follow nature’s template using nature’s medicine whenever possible, but also be ready and able to use the best of conventional medicine including advanced testing as well as pharmaceuticals when necessary.

Prospective patients find their way to me  when they are ready for change and want to find answers. Some of you have been on your own healing paths for many years, and are very self-directed in your health-care but are looking for additional input by a medical professional.

Others may have run into dead ends with traditional medicine and know that something important has been missed so are stepping out of the conventional medical model, perhaps for the first time.

However you have arrived here, I consider it a privilege and an honor to walk some steps of your healing path with you in your search for health solutions.

Anne Walch, MHS, PA-C