Nationwide access fo affodable imaging,

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Elimination diet instructions to screen for food sensitivities  Great source for learning about the role of this 21st century toxin and how to minimize it’s effects.

Questionnaires These are a starting point and not intended to diagnose of course. You will notice many overlaps in questions/symptoms.

Candida questionnaire

Adrenal questionnaire

Lyme questionnaire

Thyroid questionnaire

Celiac questionnaire

Pyroluria questionnaire

Resources about tick borne illnesses:

Prevention of tick borne illnesses with permethrin impregnated clothes

How to get free prescription medications: , or cheaper medications at

Bone Health: Hydrion pH test tape

Self care


HLA DR Calculator

Low Dose Naltrexone  and LDN Research Trust

LDN Health Tracker App

12 Baby Steps to Optimum Nutrition

Self lymphatic Drainage massage of the head video

Benefits of Far Infra Red Sauna  I like the “half-dome” floor saunas personally (smaller, more portable, can lie down).

Benefits of “Earthing”

Genomic data interpretation by Bob Miller of Tree of Life Health Ministries

Information (video) re PEMF